Grums - Coffee Ground Skincare Wrapped in Sugar

06/04/2018 11:07

Frankfurt, 4th June 2018 - grums Aarhus a company based in Denmark believes that skincare can be made from a sustainable mindset without compromising on quality, look, feel or effect.
Choosing the right packaging was very important to them and they decided for the Braskem solution because this packaging solution wasn't just the right size, practical and great looking, but also more sustainable than conventional solutions. grums launched all of their packaging made from plant based plastic from sugarcane using I'm greenT logo. The raw material which is used for this packaging derives from sugarcane. By doing this, grums will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its packaging as well as the use of fossil resources. For every kg of I'm greenTM Polyethylene used more than 5 kg of CO2 is saved.

"In grums we contacted more than 50 packaging suppliers to find exactly what we needed - a green solution. When making an innovative and sustainable product as a brand you also want the packaging of the product to share the same values. By using packaging made from sugar cane our products are complete. This is also one of our selling points and it adds storytelling to our products which we, and our customers, enjoy. We are very glad that Braskem is making these greener solutions that we want to support and make use of in our company," says Mikkel Knudsen, Founder of grums.
About grums grums is a new Danish skin care brand. They create sustainable high-quality skin care products using local coffee grounds. Their philosophy is quite simple: High levels of quality, sustainability and transparency. No bullshit. Skin care can and should be about making you look better. And nothing looks as good as feeling good. They believe that skin care can be made with a sustainable mindset, without compromising on quality, look, feel or effect. Since the beginning
they have been pushing themselves and their partners demanding exactly that, in every bit of their value chain. From collecting the coffee grounds to selectively choosing natural quality ingredients and sustainable packaging. They do not promise you the skin of a 16-year-old (well, maybe if you're like 17ish), but they do commit themselves to being transparent, honest and uncompromising.

About Braskem
Braskem is the largest thermoplastic resins producer in the Americas, with annual production volume of over 20 million tons, which includes other chemical products and basic petrochemicals, with annual revenue of R$54 billion. Driven by its purpose of improving people's lives and creating sustainable solutions in chemicals and plastics, Braskem is present in more than 70 countries, has around 8,000 team members and operates 41 industrial units in Brazil, the United States, Germany and Mexico, the latter in partnership with the Mexican company Idesa.

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Martin D. R. Clemesha, Technical Sales, Renewable Chemicals - Braskem Europe GmbH;
Maite Lazo Muñoz, Marketing & Sales, Renewable Chemicals - Braskem Europe GmbH;