Circular Economy and innovations in biobased resins mark Braskem's presence at Auspack

03/25/2019 16:23

A series of global initiatives to drive the Circular Economy in the plastics chain and products made from renewable polyethylene are the highlights at Braskem's booth in this Australian fair
March 26, 2018 - To strengthen its ties with the Australasian market, Braskem, the America's largest resin producer, with annual production of 20 million tons including chemical products and basic petrochemicals, will participate in Auspack, a packaging fair to be held in Melbourne, Australia from March 26 to 29.

Exhibiting at the event for the first time, Braskem will welcome visitors to its booth with a presentation on its positioning in favor of the Circular Economy, a public commitment it under-took in November 2018, whose initiatives include forging partnerships with clients for designing new products to expand and facilitate recycling and for promoting the reuse of plastic packaging, especially single-use products. The document also calls for higher investments in new resins us-ing renewable resources, such as Green Plastic made from sugar cane, and support for new technologies, business models and systems for collecting, picking, recycling and recovering ma-terials.
The booth will display solutions such as I'm greenT plastic, the world's first biobased polyeth-ylene produced on an industrial scale, and I'm greenT EVA (vinyl acetate ethylene copolymers), both made from sugarcane.

"Given the relevance of sustainability-related topics, we believe it very important to adopt a proactive approach in Oceania. Braskem's strategy to work more closely with its partners and its portfolio of solutions to promote the Circular Economy enables us to offer the plastics indus-try renewable alternatives from start to end of the packaging's life cycle. That's why Auspack could not have come at a better time for us," said José Augusto Viveiro, Renewable Chemicals sales director at Braskem.
Operating in the Asian market since 2010, Braskem currently sells its Green Plastic to clients in countries such as Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, India and Malaysia.

See below more details about what Braskem will showcase at Auspack:

I'm greenT Plastic
Made from ethylene obtained from sugarcane, the green resin has the same physical properties as conventional polyethylene and can be fully recycled in the traditional recycling chain. The material's major differential is that it captures 3.09 tons of CO2 for each ton of product made, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Green Plastic is made at Braskem's plant lo-cated in Triunfo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which has annual production capacity of 200 kta of renewable resin.

I'm greenT EVA
Green EVA (vinyl acetate ethylene copolymers) is made using biobased raw material, sugarcane. Featuring superior flexibility, lightness and resistance, it also helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the air by capturing and storing CO2 during its production process. The resin has applications in industries such as footwear (e.g., Allbirds), automotive and transportation.

I'm greenT Seal
Braskem created this seal so that consumers could recognize products made from biobased res-ins. To earn this differential, products must undergo a carbon-14 dating, which is the same test used to estimate the age of fossils found around the world. To bear the seal, a product must contain at least 51% renewable materials.

About Braskem
With more than 41 industrial units in Brazil, United States, Mexico and Germany, Braskem be-lieves that plastics and its myriad sustainable possibilities and solutions improve people's lives and that it essential for the material to be used responsibly, which means reusing, recycling and recovering the material as much as possible. Braskem is the largest resin producer in the Ameri-cas, with annual production of 20 million tons, including chemical products and basic petrochem-icals, and sales of R$50 billion in 2017.

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