Braskem launches new recycled resin concept at Sustainable Brands

06/04/2018 11:15

The Vancouver edition of the international eventwill be held on June 4-7


São Paulo, June 4, 2018 - During this first week of June, Braskem is participating in theVancouver edition of Sustainable Brands, oneof the most important events in the sustainability calendar, as a sponsor andkey presenter and exhibitor at the Good Materials & Packaging Pavilion. Thecompany will take the opportunity of the trade fair to showcase its latest conceptin recycled plastic resins.


Committed to continuallydeveloping sustainable solutions via its Wecycle platform, Braskem has deliveredpromising results in its efforts to create a recycled resin with higher qualityand a high percentage of recycled materials derived from household post-consumerthermoformed packaging made from polyethylene. Its main characteristics includeresistance to stress cracking similar to that of virgin resins and tensile stressS mechanical properties that are 70% higher than the recycled resins currentlyused in the market. The next step is to identify partners to test the solutionin finished goods (small volume thermoformed packaging), which will use therecycled resin as a raw material.


In the debateforum, which will focus on "How brands are developing new packaging solutionsand incorporating circular economy practices into their products," Braskemexecutives will discuss the projects and technologies currently being studiedin the company's innovation laboratories. Joe Jankowski, Braskem's GreenPolyethylene commercial manager for North America, will address the benefitsand applications of I'm greenTM plastic. Luiz Gustavo Ortega, Braskem'sSustainable Development manager, will comment on the Bluevision content platform,which addresses topics related to sustainability, human development and using resourcesintelligently. Fabiana Quiroga, director of the Recycling & WecyclePlatform team, will talk about the initiative to support new businesses thatpromote post-consumer plastic waste and develop the recycling chain.


In addition,Fabio Lamon, Head of Digital Manufacturing at Braskem, will give a lecture onthe event's main stage on how the dynamics of the company's global operationsenable it to take advantage of the best that each region has to offer and theimportance of talking about sustainability not only for companies, but also forthe public.


In theexhibitors' area, Braskem will have two booths. One will showcase its I'm greenTMGreen Plastic made from sugarcane and its key applications, which include  food packaging, home care and personal careproducts. The other booth will be dedicated to the Bluevision and Wecycleplatforms. The latter will showcase some of the products arising from Braskem'spartnerships supported by the platform, which include the organizer box fromMartiplast, the packaging for Qualitá stain remover of Grupo Pão de Açúcar andthe trash bags from Embalixo.


 "Sustainable development is one of the corepillars of Braskem's activities and we believe it is very important to fosterdiscussion on the topic with other companies in the industry in order tostrengthen our initiatives and to see what the other large players are doing,"said Fabiana Quiroga. "We brought to the event our main products, concepts andprograms focusing on sustainability, seeking to influence the entire chain tothink the same way."


Complementary information:

I'm greenTM polyethylene is made fromethylene derived from sugarcane ethanol. Its major differential is helping toreduce greenhouse gases emissions by capturing carbon dioxide during theproduction process. It also has the same properties of traditionalpolyethylene, which means it does not require adaptations to machinery whilebeing 100% recyclable. Braskem's Green Plastic plant has production capacity of200 kton/year.



To contributeto the development of sustainable solutions and to promote debate on the topic,Braskem launched, in March 2018, during the World Water Forum in Brasília, theglobal content platform called Bluevision ( Its goal is to produce relevant content that encourages people toreflect and to foster a new way of interacting with the environment in whichthey live.


Wecycle: high-value recycled plastic

Through theWecycle platform, created in 2015, Braskem supports businesses that add value toplastic waste throughout the entire production chain and supports initiatives topromote recycling, the use of post-consumer plastic waste and the environment. Theinitiative already has resulted in a partnership with various organizations todevelop products, solutions and processes involving the reuse of plastics. Thefollowing products were created by this platform. Learn more at


Qualitá Stain Remover

The initiativeuses the waste collected at stations installed at the hypermarkets andsupermarkets of the Grupo Pão de Açúcar (Extra and Pão de Açúcar), which aredonated to the program's partner cooperatives. Once separated, the plastic issent to a recycling plant that manufactures a resin containing 70% recycledplastic and 30% virgin polyethylene. The resin is then sold to plasticconverters, which manufacture the packaging for the stain remover and bottlesthe product. All Qualitá stain removers sold in Brazil - around 10,000containers per month - feature packaging made from recycled resins.


Embalixo trash bags

Braskem andEmbalixo, Brazil's leading trash bag producer, in partnership with Grupo Pão deAçúcar, are manufacturing new trash bags made from plastics materials disposedof by customers at the Pão de Açúcar Unilever Recycling Stations and from industrialsacks previously used by Braskem to deliver its resins. Once crushed andtransformed into recycled resins, the waste materials are then used to producea premium line of Embalixo bags, called Embalixo com Alças, which bears the seal"Recycled Plastic. Conscientious Cycle."


Organizer boxes

A partnershipbetween Braskem, Martiplast, a housewares manufacturer, and Leroy Merlin, ahome improvement retailer, has made available to consumers organizer boxes madefrom 100% recycled plastic. Through the Wecycle platform, the companiesdeveloped an application that uses 60 tons of polypropylene per year obtainedfrom recycled big bags.  The products, which can be found at Leroy Merlinstores, are identified by the seal "Recycled Plastic. Conscientious Cycle."


About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands is the leading globalcommunity for innovative brands that are shaping the future of global trade. Since2006, its mission has been to inspire, engage and support business leaders andbrands to envision a better future. The community works in a variety of formats:publication of digital articles, rounds of talks, internationally recognizedconferences and regional events, and a robust online library, all of which seekto engage communities, within and outside of the group, throughout the entire year.

About Braskem

With a human-oriented global vision of thefuture, the 8,000 Team Members of Braskem strive every day to improve people'slives by creating sustainable solutions in chemistry and plastics. Braskem isthe largest resin producer in the Americas, with annual production of 20million tons, including chemical products and basic petrochemicals, and salesof R$50 billion in 2017. Braskem exports to clients in approximately 100countries and operates 41 industrial units, which are located in Brazil, UnitedStates, Germany and Mexico, the latter in partnership with the Mexican companyIdesa.


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