International recognition

Besides Braskem, its Partners using I'm greenTM Polyethylene won awards of recognition of important business and environmental organizations in the country and abroad, for technological innovation and contribution to the sustainability of products and the environment. Some known examples are the following:

  • FINEP Award of Innovation 2012

    In 2012, Braskem won the FINEP - Brazilian Innovation Agency, Award in the category "Sustainable Innovation" for its I'm greenTM Polyethylene. The award is one of the most important in the country and aims to recognize and encourage innovation.

  • ECO Award

    Braskem's ECO 2011 Award with its I'm greenTM Polyethylene, for being considered one of the best projects from a large company in the area "Sustainability Practices", category "Products and/or Services". Granted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Brazil) for 29 years, the award recognizes companies with the best business models and strategies that incorporate sustainability, whether in their processes, products or services.

  • Les Oscars de l'emballage

    In 2011, Ecover won the award Les Oscars de L'emballage sponsored by the French publication 'Emballage Magazine', from Paris (France), in the 'Environment' category for its use of I'm greenTM Polyethylene. In 2012, it was L'Occitane en Provence's time to win the award in the category 'New Material' for its Bonne Mére line with its packaging also made with I'm greenTM Polyethylene.

  • Great Packaging Case Studies

    In 2012, Johnson & Johnson received the award Grandes Cases de Embalagem ("Great Packaging Case Studies") sponsored by the magazine Revista Embalagem (Packaging Magazine) for its packaging for Sundown sunscreen, which is made 60% from I'm greenTM Polyethylene and 40% from post-consumption recycled plastic.

  • Exame Sustainability Guide

    Kimberly Clark was selected by the 'Exame Sustainability Guide' sponsored by the magazine Exame published by Editora Abril as a model company in sustainability in Brazil. One of the items responsible for the award was the packaging for the Neve Compacto line of toilet paper, which is made from Braskem's I'm greenTM Polyethylene.


    VIP ASIA AWARDS 2013: Ecomass, Toyota's customer, won in the "Competition - Eco Friendly Material" category with the product: "bio plastic sugarlab"

  • WALMART "Sustentabilidade de Ponta a Ponta" 2013:

    Walmart "End to end": Pilecco has won the End to end award sponsored by Walmart supermarket network, for Pilecco Nobre, the packaging is made from Green PE

  • EMBANEWS Brazilian Packaging Award:

    EMBANEWS Brazilian Packaging Award: Zandei Indústria de Plástico has won the award, for - Linha Profissional Nutri - in the Sustainability - Sustainable Raw Material (development or application) Green PE category.

  • Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards 2014

    Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards: General Mills has won the silver award for their Cascadian Farm Cereal Liner for sustainability and environmental achievement, using Green PE.


    Manufacturing Leadership Award 2014: An international award promoted by Frost & Sullivan to recognize visionary ideas in the industrial sector. Greif was nominated, in the Sustainability category, for DoubleGreen COEX 10L (FMC), a container used to store agrochemical products, whose composition created from Green Polyethylene.

  • PCD - Packaging of perfume, Cosmetics & Design

    PCD - Packaging of perfume, Cosmetics & Design: L'Occitane won the PCD award for using Green Polyethylene in its Bonne Mère packaging.

  • Prêmio ABRE da embalagem brasileira 2014

    ABRE 2014: Tetra Pak won the award ABRE 2014 in the category Technological - Beverage Packaging - with the use of green polyethylene in its coating packaging with the product Del Valle Reserva.

  • World Beverage Innovation Awards

    World Beverage Innovation Awards: Tetra Pak won the award World Beverage Innovation Awards in the category Best Closure with the use of green polyethylene.