Braskem is one of the
50most innovative companies in the world.

For over 100 years plastic has been a part of our lives. To us, at Braskem, promoting innovations in a century-old product and discovering new processes and solutions to make the world more sustainable is a great source of pride.

Today, we are the largest thermoplastics resin producer in the Americas and the world's leading biopolymer producer. And we continue to work hard to promote continuous innovation in our day-to-day activities. Attesting to this relentless pursuit of innovation is the fact that last year alone we filed 112 patent applications, or 80% more than in 2012.

Our constant efforts were recognized by the magazine Fast Company, which selected Braskem as one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2014. We are proud to be listed alongside companies like Google, Twitter and Netflix, and even prouder of our obsession for innovation.

We are the only Brazilian company to figure on the list, in 41st place. This recognition was the result of our research into products made from renewable resources, especially our Green Plastic. Fast Company also highlighted our innovative process of transforming sugarcane ethanol into ethylene, the feedstock used to make the bio-based polyethylene.To support our research activities, we maintain two Innovation & Technology Centers, one in Brazil and the other in the United States, where 340 scientists, researchers and other professionals work.

This recognition from Fast Company translates Braskem's firm commitment to constantly pursue growth by innovating new products that make people's lives better.

What is Fast Company?

Based in New York, Fast Company is a publication of Mansueto Ventures LLC, a leading media company in the United States. Considered the most innovative and contemporary business magazine, the publication evaluates thousands of companies based on the impact of their innovations on the real world, creative strategies, risk assumption and project execution to come up with its annual list of the 50 most innovative companies.