How it is produced

The company developed the production technology in 2007 and continues to improve the technology of green ethylene and I'm greenTM Polyethylene from sugarcane. Seeking continuous improvement of the environmental indicators of the production of I'm greenTM Polyethylene at its plant in Triunfo, Braskem invests continuously in studies on laboratory and pilot scales.

Braskem receives its ethanol from suppliers mainly through railways. The ethanol from sugarcane in Braskem's ethylenne plant goes through a dehydration process and is transformed into green ethylene. The green ethylene then goes to the polymerization plants where it is transformed into I'm greenTM Polyethylene, the plastic made from sugarcane. From this point, I'm greenTM Polyethylene follows to Customers. See below the production flow of Braskem's I'm greenTM Polyethylene, from the planting of sugarcane, a renewable raw material, to the transformation of biopolymer in day-to-day products and their disposal.