Ethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (ETBE)

In order to meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions, Braskem decided to invest in ETBE, a bio gasoline additive produced partially from ethanol, at an industrial unit in the Triunfo Complex in Rio Grande do Sul since 2007, and at two units in the Camaçari Complex in Bahia since 2009.

The option for ETBE resulted from three years of studies by the Company to find sustainable alternatives to replace MTBE, a traditional additive that has environmental restrictions in international markets, especially the United States and Japan.

ETBE is obtained from the reaction of ethanol (43%) and isobutene (57%). Because it contains raw material made from renewable resources, it generates lower CO2 emissions than MTBE. Each ton of ETBE produced prevents 783 kg in CO2 emissions, which helps mitigate climate change.