In line with its strategy to strengthen renewable chemicals, Braskem is launching a resin made from sugarcane. Designed for applications in industries such as footwear, automotive, transportation and others, the new product arrives to expand the company's I'm greenTM portfolio, which already is known around the globe for its green polyethylene, the world's first biopolymer to be produced on an industrial scale.

Closely following the industry's competitiveness and needs to arrive at the new solution, Braskem made adaptations in its plant located in Triunfo, Brazil, to produce the renewable resin. With characteristics such as flexibility, lightness and resistance, the resin helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the air by capturing and storing CO2 during its production process.

Braskem receives its ethanol from suppliers mainly through railways. The ethanol from sugarcane in Braskem's ethylene plant goes through a dehydration process and is transformed into green ethylene. The green ethylene then goes to the polymerization plants with vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) where it is transformed into I'm greenTM EVA, the plastic made from sugarcane. From this point, I'm greenTM EVA follows to Customers.